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About Us

Bruce and I come from famlies that love animals. Bruce was raised with ponies, dogs and cats. My family lived in the city so we had dogs, cats, birds, rats, snakes, smaller animals. After Bruce and I got married in 1976 and got our first house a year later Bruce gave me the dog of my dreams for Christmas, a Saint Bernard - Slaton's Bionic Burt. Six years later we got our daughter Rainbow her own Saint Bernard for her fifth birthday. Traveling got to be a little bit harder - three people and two large dogs. Along with the two Saints we had two cats who knew that they were bigger than the Saints and the dogs were not going to argue with the cats about that. After we lost both of our Saints Bruce and I decided we should stick to having cats as pets, it made it a lot easier to travel and there was less of a mess in the back yard.

Bruce and I got our first American Curl quite by accident in October, 1994. Our daughter, Rainbow, and her Girl Scout Troop were stewarding for a TICA show at the Cow Palace near San Francisco, CA. On Sunday the show management was not sure if they had enough girls to work all of the rings so they asked us if we would mind working. Even if we were not needed we would get a free lunch. We were not needed so we had all day to wonder the show hall. We looked at all the different breeds of cats and fell in love with the Scotish Folds. We couldn't afford the Folds that were there so kept looking. This is when we met Grace and Joe Ruga and their beautiful American Curls. To make a long story short we went home with our first American Curl after the show.

For the fun of it we decided we would try to grand our boy, Curlniques Loki God of Mischief, in CFA in the Premiership class, cats who have been neutered or spayed. Three months later on New Years Eve December 31, 1995 Loki gained the last of his points to become a Grand Premier.

It took us another year and a half to find our first show quality American Curl, GC Curlniques Lil Two Bits of DBCATS, DM, September 1996. In March of the 1997 Grace and Joe Ruga offered us co-ownership of Lil's brother GC, BW Curlniques Rock-of- Ages of DBCATS a brown mactabby male.

We often have longhair and shorthair kittens available. Bruce and I are located in the San Francisco Bay Area in California. We ship our babies all around the worldor if you are in the area you can come by and pick them up. We have cats currently in Korea, Finland, Russia, Belgim, and Indonisa. We alos have them across the United States. Contact us and we will see if we have the right baby for you.